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Peace' and 'Justice' are more than mere words
Jeremy Renner, actor.
What I'm doing for 2030 is
trying to make the world a safer place for everyone.

I am Jeremy Renner. I am honored to be here representing one of the most important “Global Goals”, because I have visited Afghanistan and followed the mine clearance operations conducted by the United Nations. I discovered a strong and generous people, who, despite being forced to live alongside the danger of mines planted by the Taliban, are unbending and react with pride. In that country, mine clearance is one of the most common jobs for people. With the aid of the UN and local NGOs, farmers are learning how to clear the mines from their fields and make them fertile. Schools are teaching youngsters from a very young age about the risks of anti-personnel mines. All this sounds terrible, and even impossible, to our ears. Yet, in Afghanistan all this is normal. It is normal for a mother to tremble whenever her child goes out to play.

For this reason, peace and justice are not just two fine words, but must become a commitment for all people.
For me, for you the reader, for your children, for my daughter, for all the children in Afghanistan, for 2030.