The new lavazza calendar

2030 seems far away, but if we want a better world to greet us beyond that threshold, we must act now.

In 2015, world leaders signed the ambitious Agenda for Sustainable Development. Its 17 points lay out what needs to be done to transform the world and ensure a decent life to all those that inhabit it.

This task is one that must be undertaken by humanity as a whole: Governments, institutions, private companies and individual citizens. Only by working together will we succeed in meeting the agenda's goals.

“What am I doing?” is a question we should be asking ourselves, every day. And, at this moment in time, it is the most important one a calendar can remind us of. This is our latest effort in service of sustainability: One that includes more than twenty projects around the world, and over 60,000 producers.

Just like us, there are countless individuals who fight in the front line to build the future we all wish for.

We asked some of them to stand up and show their commitment, by becoming the protagonists of this calendar. Through Platon's portraits, they'll tell us, month after month, which goals they are fighting for. We believe that from them, and alongside them, a positive revolution can see the light. One that is capable of awakening our consciences and bringing that future within our grasp.

And you? What are you doing?