The new lavazza calendar

What I'm doing in 2018 is encouraging the public to
respect and defend human rights all over the world.

My name is Platon, and I am a storyteller. As a photographer, I have had the privilege to capture the spirits of many of the world’s most influential people, including world leaders, business and tech titans, as well as entertainment icons. I see my role in society, however, as a cultural provocateur, igniting respectful debate about moral compass, and the importance of good leadership. In recent years, I have turned my lens to those who have been robbed of power. I am now committed to giving emerging leaders an enhanced platform of authority. The fourth industrial revolution has brought us more connectivity and innovation than ever before in history, yet somehow we seem to know less.

Trapped in echo chambers and filter bubbles, our high-speed news cycle confirms what we already believe. Consequently, tribalism and intolerance remain a dark force in global society. I humbly believe in the power of storytelling, in humanizing statistics and giving a voice to the voiceless. I am the founder of The People’s Portfolio. Our organization breaks down barriers, and encourages the public to respect and defend human rights worldwide. To date, our missions have taken us to Myanmar, Egypt, Russia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

It’s now time to create a new set of cultural heroes, leaders who inspire us with their courage in the face of oppression and opposition.

With this Lavazza collaboration, I present to you an army of inspiring champions, a community of responsible global citizens driven by compassion and a deep respect for service. These people are my heroes, and I hope they become yours.