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We must care for one another.
Jeffrey D. Sachs,
Director of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network
Sonia Ehrlich Sachs,
Director, Health Sector, Earth Institute, Columbia University.
What we're doing for 2030 is
promoting global cooperation.

We are, said Aristotle, social animals. Whether as citizens, friends, or members of the economy, we are compelled by our very nature to look after each other and to cooperate together for the common good.

That is the essence of SDG 17: global cooperation to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The targets for SDG 17 spell out the many fruitful pathways of cooperation for sustainable development, including international trade, technology transfer, development aid for the poorest countries, knowledge sharing and capacity building, and crucially, public-private partnerships. The key message is that global cooperation is for all of us, not just governments but also individuals, businesses, universities, and other parts of civil society.