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I strongly believe that everyone can and should contribute to reaching these goals.
Francesco Faccin, founder of Honey Factory.
What I'm doing for 2030 is
reconnecting metropolises and Nature.

My name is Francesco Faccin, and I’m an industrial designer.

I live in Milan and, since discovering the mysterious and fascinating world of bees, I decided to create Honey Factory,

a micro-architecture for producing honey in urban environments and providing information about the ancient but highly topical practice of keeping these insects. Its task is to reconcile two very distinct worlds such as cities and nature, but above all to raise the awareness of city-dwellers about a really urgent matter: balancing the ecosystem which is under threat due to the extinction of bees.

The Honey Factory is hence a way of getting in touch and establishing an empathetic relationship with them: it allows people to observe the bees in safety and, at the same time, actively invites people to solve issues that concern everyone.