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Food is a universal language.
Manal Kahi, co-founder of “Eat Offbeat”.
What I'm doing for 2030 is
bringing cultures closer together.

My name is Manal Kahi, and I am the co-founder, along with my brother Wissam, of Eat Offbeat, a catering company that serves meals conceived and prepared by refugees who now call New York City home. Our menus are hand-prepared by our chefs, who marry centuries-old culinary traditions with their personal touch as newly trained professional chefs. In a single meal, you can enjoy dishes from four or five different countries and regions that, even in New York City, are off-the-beaten path recipes new to most.

We like to say that our chefs are refugees by status, but chefs by nature – their delicious one-of- a-kind dishes keep our customers coming back for more.

Their recipes not only form the crux of our business, but our chefs are daily helping New Yorkers to discover fresh and new flavors and cuisines. At Eat Offbeat, we are helping to rewrite the narrative of refugees. From now until 2030, we will continue to bridge cultures and communities the best way we know how – through the universal language of food. At Eat Offbeat, our flavors are off the beaten path, but our values are common to everyone who stands for unity and equality.