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We must take responsibility for our actions.
Daniel Katz,
co-founder of Rainforest Alliance.
What I'm doing for 2030 is
promoting sustainability.

I am Daniel Katz, co-founder, Board Chair and former President of the Rainforest Alliance, an international conservation organization I helped start when I was 24. Now in its fourth decade, the Rainforest Alliance works in more than 80 countries to conserve critical biodiversity, improve livelihoods rooted in the land, and foster sustainable development.

We do so by helping farmers produce commodities in ways that safeguard the forest, protect ecosystems, and build resilience to climate change.

The Rainforest Alliance also certifies products of thousands of companies worldwide, guaranteeing that their ingredients have been sourced responsibly. When you see a product stamped with our little green frog, you know that our team has worked hard to ensure that it was produced using the best social and environmental practices, from farm to shop. The Rainforest Alliance has helped farmers around the world sustainably cultivate over four million acres of land, charging towards our mission of rebalancing the planet and fostering the long-term health of all its people. 2030, we are on the way!