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Sharing a meal is an act of love.
Massimo Bottura,
chef patron at Osteria Francescana and founder of “Food for Soul”.
What I'm doing for 2030 is
fighting waste.

I'm Massimo Bottura, chef patron at Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy. I founded the non-profit organization Food for Soul to raise awareness about the dual problem of food waste and hunger.

Since 2015, Food for Soul has opened community kitchens around the world (Milan, Rio and London) where renowned chefs transform food surplus into healthy and delicious meals for those in need.

Through these experiences we are learning that sharing a meal is more than feeding the body; it is a gesture of inclusion and an act of love. By 2030, there will be many more community kitchens in cities around the world recovering food surplus in inclusive and beautiful spaces where everyone can be part of the solution.
We are the revolution!