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I believe in a world in which extreme poverty will be nothing other than a distant memory
Daphne Nederhorst, founder of Sawa World.
What I'm doing for 2030 is
encouraging the young to stand up again

My name is Daphne Nederhorst and I have had a dream of an equal – Sawa – world since I was seven years old.

I’m the founder of Sawa World, an award-winning NGO for its unique approach to encourage disadvantaged youth to lift themselves out of extreme poverty with locally-created solutions.

Our approach provides large-scale access to simple homegrown innovations that are found by the people living in extreme poverty. Unemployed youth in these communities can learn these local solutions in one day through a range of educational tools and trainings and instantly start a small business and provide for themselves and their families.

This triggers, example after example, a virtuous domino effect that involves many thousands of young people becoming self-employed in the most vulnerable communities in the world. I am confident that Sawa World will help create a world where extreme poverty will be but a distant memory. We aim to impact 1 billion youth by 2030. Will you become part of our movement?