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2030 is around the corner. Better yet, it is now.
Dario Piselli, Project Leader for Solutions Initiatives – SDSN-Youth
What I'm doing for 2030 is
helping the young and their ideas.

My name is Dario Piselli and I am the Project Leader for Solutions Initiatives of SDSN Youth, the global youth initiative of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

My team is tasked with identifying and supporting the solutions that young people around the world are advancing in order to achieve the Global Goals.

We build their skills and capacity, enhance the visibility of their projects, and promote investments and partnerships that can help their development. Our approach is that of bridge-builders and catalysts: we foster synergies between young innovators and public and private sector leaders and make it easier for supporters to have access to promising projects. We do this because we believe that harnessing youth skills is not only a way of reducing youth unemployment and thus achieving Goal 8, but also one of the most effective contributions to the implementation of the other Goals as well.

Due to their intelligence and natural propensity to being connected, the approach of young people to entrepreneurship is more ethical, innovative and sustainable: in other words, fit for today’s complex challenges. 2030 is around the corner. Better yet, it is now.