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We must protect the things we love: Change starts with no one else but us.
Alexandra Cousteau, senior advisor to Oceana.
I'm doing for 2030 is
protecting the oceans.

My name is Alexandra Cousteau and I’m an explorer, film-maker, environmental activist and member of “Oceana”, an international organisation working to protect and rehabilitate the oceans.

Ever since I was born I have continued along the path taken by my grandfather Jacques and my father Philippe, trying to make as many people as possible aware of the importance of protecting our seas.

Our seas are suffering the huge impact of humankind’s activities on nature, global warming and intensive fishing. They are gradually being depleted of their riches, biodiversity and ecological balance.

This is why we mustn’t give up and must take action. We have to fight to defend them and we can all do this, together. We must protect what we love, only we can bring change.