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Water is life.
Marco Attisani, founder of Watly.
What I'm doing for 2030 is
providing drinking water for everyone.

My name is Marco Attisani. I have a degree in economics, a passion for renewable energies and I’ve had a dream for a number of years: to resolve the problem of access to drinking water throughout the world.I was on the beach in Barcelona when I had a revelation.

Everything I needed was right there in front of my eyes and this is how “Watly” was born: the world’s first thermodynamic computer that transforms polluted or salt water into drinking water.

As large as a tennis court, Watly exploits solar energy and purifies five thousand litres of water a day without filters. It can also supply energy and an internet connection anywhere, which makes it easier to access information and share experiences. But Watly is above all democratic, because, besides its cleanliness and endlessness, the beauty of the sun is that it belongs to everyone.