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Lavazza Calendar 2017
The movie

The portraits become a landscape and the landscape is portraits. “We Are What We Live” is the last journey in the trilogy of The Earth Defenders, conceived by Lavazza in collaboration with Slow Food. This year’s scenario is Asia. Through the camera of photographer Denis Rouvre, it illustrates the profound relationship between the land and the people who live on it: a love for each coffee plant, the battle against a hostile climate, the desire to learn new techniques, respect for traditions and roles, the union of different communities in the same corner of the world.

Francesca Lavazza

Set in an urban context that does not allow us to develop a profound and daily rapport with the land, for us “We Are What We Live” cannot be translated as true identity with nature, but rather a cultural bond that is the outcome of our history and traditions. Rain bathes us, the sun warms us, the wind blows over us, almost as if this were an external orchestration of our lives. In the places where the human existence is in perfect symbiosis with the environment, however, one cannot thrive without the other, and the two are so profoundly attuned that they share satisfaction, hardship, inclement weather, sweat. What we want to illustrate to you in this third chapter of The Earth Defenders project are these people and their land, their reciprocal relationship of defence and protection. Together with Slow Food and the photographer Denis Rouvre, we went to Asia to show that there are no boundaries between the world and humanity, there is no difference between them. (Francesca Lavazza)

Michele Mariani
Armando Testa

The theme of the Calendar is “we are what we live”, offering profound reflection on the relationship between people and respect for the places where they live. This year we wanted to talk about The Earth Defenders from a slightly different viewpoint, and we chose Denis Rouvre, who struck us because of his ability to work by subtraction, to eliminate the superfluous in order to distil emotions. After putting Asia in the limelight, in these countries — India, Laos, Sumatra and Bali — we looked for the best leading characters for our stories, working on a dual track: an artistic approach that was also rich in very profound and sensitive contents for all of us. It is only thanks to the work and respect of these people, Lavazza and Slow Food, that we can talk about Earth with a capital E. It is the opportunity to put creativity at the disposal of such a noble aim that makes our work so special. (Michele Mariani)

Carlo Petrini
Slow food

There is a difference between residing in a territory and actually inhabiting it. Inhabiting has a deeper meaning that involves not only our material relationship with a place, but also _ and above all _ an intimate social, cultural and spiritual bond between humans and their environment. Inhabiting means having a small world at heart, it means worrying about maintaining the balance so it remains beautiful, clean, harmonious and welcoming. The “We Are What We Live” project intends to celebrate just that: the multitude of farmers who, for millennia, have struck a happy balance with the land, above all through the productive act that is first and foremost an exchange. The communities portrayed on these pages tell us about the great ability of small-scale farmers to enter into a profound relationship with their own territory, with its flora, fauna and resources. This is the only way to forge a true community. (Carlo Petrini)